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Competition categories

  • Promotional activities staffed around one idea aimed at a specific target group and composed of a minimum of three different implementations / activities. Large integrated image-recruitment activities as well as individual recruitment campaigns can be admitted here.

    The category is divided into two sub-categories related to the budget spent on campaign implementation – up to PLN 100,000 PLN and over 100,000 zł.

  • Promotional activities based on one or several ideas, directed to the employees of the image or recruitment and image organization. Both whole campaigns and individual actions can be admitted here.

  • The category includes a video image of recruitment and character created by employers. Innovation, idea and video material will be evaluated here.

  • Image and recruitment activities using digital media. This category includes, for example, mailling, banners, interactive games, applications and other image-and-recruitment activities. We do not include websites in this category. Innovation and originality of activities, adjustment to the group of recipients, integrity with the employer’s campaign / offer and obtained effects are assessed.

  • The category includes one or several ideas related to the candidate’s experience during recruitment. Innovation, creativity as well as the implementation of the idea itself will be assessed.

  • Creative and functional corporate career websites developed both as subpages of the company website and separate pages dedicated to a specific employer. This category includes both corporate job portals and career page extranets. Both creative aspects and usability of the website, content, current status, and consistency with the company’s image will be evaluated.

  • The category includes external image events and recruitment actions. The implementation of the idea itself, innovation, creativity and limitations will be assessed.

“The EBstars competition has permanently inscribed in the calendar of significant events of the EB industry. It is an opportunity to get to know interesting projects and solutions, inspire and appreciate the companies and people who deserve it. I strongly encourage you to participate in the competition, because the application itself often allows to realize to yourself and your organizations the enormity of a job well done. “Taking the statuette is only the icing on the cake.”

Łukasz Trzeszczkowski, laureate and Chairman of Jury CEE Employer Branding Hub Leader at PwC


Magdalena Selwant-Różycka

She has been dealing in corporate communication for over 10 years, gained experience in Polish and international corporations, and currently works in the professional services industry. She specializes in corporate, internal, design communication and communication of changes. Has experience in projects related to organizational changes and business transformation, M & A processes, launching new products and services on the market, and building employee engagement. Important areas of her experience are also building the employer’s image, strengthening the organizational culture and company’s reputation. Currently, she is preparing a doctorate in management at the Kozminski University in Warsaw, describing the role of communication in managing organizations. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Applied Linguistics of the University of Warsaw and postgraduate studies in Public Relations at the University of Warsaw and the Polish Academy of Sciences, marketing and marketing strategies at the Warsaw School of Economics and business psychology for ALK managers. She is also a lecturer at the postgraduate studies of Employer Branding at Kozminski University in Warsaw. She runs her blog at

Maja Gojtowska

She believes that companies should treat their employees at least as well as customers. Expert in the field of PR and internal communication with 10 years of experience gained in international organizations and public relations agencies. She is a co-author of communication strategies for such companies as: MAKRO Cash and Carry Polska S.A., Grupa Pracuj or TRUMPF Huettinger. She conducted training in employer branding and building a personal brand for such companies as Mostostal Warszawa, Assecco SSC, Link4 or PWN. Moderator and enthusiast of the Design Thinking method. Specializes in employer branding and communication in the field of recruitment and HR. She writes about the effective building of the image on the website

Piotr Bucki

For 17 years, he has been helping people to improve communication in various areas. Always based on cognitive psychology, neuro-science and psycholinguistics. He tests the theory in practice by cooperating with companies in Chile, Slovenia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Austria, Australia and Poland. Author of the book “Let’s talk about communication”, “Catch the balance” and the English-language “Life’s a pitch and then you die”. Co-author and content editor of the Startup Manual (Wolves Summit 2015), author and maintainer of the BuckiAcademi series published with the 4 Głowa publishing house (2016). He regularly publishes on InnPoland and He writes for Maleman, Dolce Vita, Madame, Marketing in Practice and many others. He translated 12 books in the field of psychology and counseling. Works with the best startup centers in Poland – including LPNT, Starter Incubator, GPNT and PPNT, as well as the largest government program in the world, Startup Chile and Incubators in Slovenia and Austria. He performed, among others at Wolves Summit, Davos Communication Forum, PODIM Slovenia, Internet Beta, Social Media Convent, Inspiration Day in Szczecin, PMI Congress in Antwerp and many other conferences in Poland and around the world.

Kacper Sawicki

Advertising and film producer. Founder and Managing Partner of Papaya Films production house with offices in Warsaw, London and New York.

He graduated from the National Film, Television and Theater School Leon Schiller in Łódź. He gained professional experience at MTV Networks Europe and produced for CBS, BBC and Reauters. He also performed concerts for such artists as Björk, Stereo MC’s and Telepopmusik as well as numerous music videos.

In 2006, he founded the Papaya Films production studio, dealing in the production of advertisements and branded content, as well as the creation of authorial film content. So far, Papaya has completed over 1,000 campaigns in 28 countries and was awarded 77 prizes, including the title of the KTR Production House 2012, 2016, 2017 and 2018, Gold, Silver and Bronze at the Cannes Lions Festival and the prestigious SHOTS Award.

Łukasz Trzeszczkowski

President of the EBstars jury. Image Development Manager PwC Employers in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. A graduate of Toruń UMK, active Alumni AIESEC Polska and lecturer at EB Management at the Kozminski University. Author of many award-winning employer brand campaigns and projects on-line and off-line for companies from the FMCG sector as well as finance and insurance. An expert in the field of company promotion as an employer among students and image social media communication. Privately – passionate about traveling and sports photography, in particular speedway. He photographed the successes of Polish Olympians in Sochi and Rio de Janeiro.

Katarzyna Młynarczyk

For 10 years she has been dealing in internet marketing with a specialization in social media. She founded one of the first social media departments in Krakow agencies, working as a manager and operational director. For 6 years she has been managing the company Socjomania specializing in training and consulting in the field of internet marketing. She trains and supports companies in the area of ​​building and implementing product and service strategies. A huge enthusiast service design.

Ewa Mazurczyk

For 17 years he has been involved in the broadly understood HR. She gained her experience taking managerial positions in Polish and international organizations. He is a Polish pioneer in the subject of Employer Branding. Experienced recruiter specializing in recruitment of sales forces, implementing about 250 projects a year. As one of the few people in Poland, she can atest to creating a successful recruitment project of 500 sales representatives in three weeks. The author of many training and consulting programs. Expert in the scope of Development and Assessment Center. Experienced, recognized trainer building an extraordinary commitment to the development process. People who work with her call her a locomotive, full of energy and positive attitude. She sees more in his projects than others and is distinguished by a perfect sense of observation combined with continuous improvement and expansion of knowledge. She is an artist and psychologist, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź and the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Warsaw.

Przemysław Stański

Director, screenwriter, co-owner of the Film Wagon production house. Once a journalist, he is still a humanist. Film enthusiast, by decision of previous fascinations, graduated from Human Resources in Krakow. Winner of awards in the marketing and film industry. In films, he is looks for a beautiful balance between form and truth.

Adam Piwek

Social media manager at Santander Consumer Bank. Passionate about effective corporate social responsibility (CSR) and employer branding activities resulting from the company’s DNA. A graduate of the University of Wrocław and postgraduate studies at the Higher Banking Schools in Wrocław and Poznań and at the Kozminski University in Warsaw. A business coach, academic lecturer and independent consultant in the field of management and effective marketing communication. A fan of discovering Africa and continuous development.

Tomasz Bartnik

For the 15 years, she has been dealing with the subject of marketing communication and its impact on the clients’ business. At the beginning of July 2017 he works as a Client Partner in the Isobar Poland Group, where he is responsible for co-creating and implementing the company’s strategy, managing a dozen or so integrated team of experts combining media and creative competences, creating full media ecosystems based on acquired, paid and own media, building communication strategies and business consulting. He gained experience in network agencies such as Carat Polska (2012-2017), Zenithmedia / ZenithOptimedia Group (2005-2012) and BrandConnection (2004-2005), working with dozens of clients from virtually almost any possible industry. He co-created campaigns that were awarded and honored in industry competitions such as EFFIE, Mixx Awards, Golden Arrow, KTR. The main area of his ​​professional interest is observation of consumer behaviors in the context of brands and product categories, translation of applications into the language of communication and media, and the impact of external stimuli in the form of advertising on purchasing decisions. Tomasz is a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics, the field of Quantitative Methods in Economics and Information Systems. Currently, a lecturer at the postgraduate studies at the Kozminski University, Building the image of the employer – Employer Branding.

Privately, he is a big sports fan, competes in road cycling at the Ośka Warszawa cycling club, runs and skis. In addition, he is a lover of history, intertwined with good music.

Łukasz Trzeszczkowski

President of the EBstars jury. Image Development Manager PwC Employers in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. A graduate of Toruń UMK, active Alumni AIESEC Polska and lecturer at EB Management at the Kozminski University. Author of many award-winning employer brand campaigns and projects on-line and off-line for companies from the FMCG sector as well as finance and insurance. An expert in the field of company promotion as an employer among students and image social media communication. Privately – passionate about traveling and sports photography, in particular speedway. He photographed the successes of Polish Olympians in Sochi and Rio de Janeiro.

Maciej Mazurek

He started his adventure with HR in a recruitment agency, where he dealt with international projects (Danone Japan, Deloitte). Later he changed his perspective, working in internal HR and EB, where he enlarged the IT team five times and received the EBstars award. Currently, he is a leader of the recruitment team, where he implements team sourcing and effective goal management. Until now you could see him during HR Camp, Brunch EB or Recruitment Agency Expo 2017 in Birmingham. 

He is inspired by Google’s organizational culture.

Mateusz Trojanowski

For almost 20 years associated with marketing communication. He gained many years of experience in both international and local advertising agencies, such as Gray, BBDO, Saatchi & Saatchi, serving the largest brands in the category (FMCG, automotive, cosmetics, telecom). He took up Employer branding over 10 years ago and since then he created many effective employer branding campaigns for the largest players on the market.

The creator of effective EB strategies for EY, PwC, AoN, Accenture.

Anna Woźniak

Recruitment and Employer Branding Senior Manager, EY, Central Europe, East, South-East and Central Asia. For 10 years he has been responsible for building the image of EY and the recruitment strategy in the region. Passionate about employer branding. For 18 years, she has been constantly looking for remarkable ways to reach the best candidates on the market. Mentor at the Business Liderek Foundation.

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